Bikini Baby

It's funny the news you hear about when you've been away for awhile.  For instance, I couldn't tell you what happened with our presidential candidates while I was gone but I did hear about a big controversy brewing over Jessica Simpson's baby picture of little Maxwell in a yellow bikini.  Go figure.

Anyway, I searched online to find the photo that was causing the buzz. 

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you find this photo of baby Maxwell "sexualized"?

As a parent, would you have made a photo like this public?

Is this just a sweet photo of a baby  posted by a proud parent?


  1. She's just a cute little pudge of a baby in a cute little bikini. People post babies in nothing but diapers all the time. So this is more coverage, after all! People are just silly.

  2. Personally I don't like putting little girls and babies in bikinis...but...I don't think this picture is any different than millions of other pictures people post of their kids in bikinis, and I don't see why people are making a big deal about this picture when there's no uproar over others.

  3. It's all about personal choice, I'm not about to buy or dress my little girl in a bikini, but if Jessica Simpson wants to then she should.

  4. Whats the differences of taking a picture of you cute little baby in a bikini and sharing a picture of your baby in just a diaper. I think the media is just looking for something to talk about if Maxwell was not a celebrity baby everyone else would just think it was cute.

  5. This sweet little baby looks adorable! Why are they making a big deal of this?

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  7. My daughter has had 2pc suits all her life. As a baby it's so much easier to change diapers. As she got older, it was still easier to get just the bottoms off to use the bathroom. I see no problem with this picture at all.


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