Quick and Easy Coach's Gift

 This year I turned to Pinterest to help me figure out what to get our football coaches.  I saved some of the ideas I found onto my Coach board.

I found an idea for stenciling mugs that originated at House of Joyful Noise blog.

I ran straight out to my local Dollar Tree and found these huge mugs for my project - $1!

I had planned to etch the mugs, but etching cream was a little intimidating and pricey for this project.

Instead, I tried Martha Stewart's glass paint in the frost color to get the same effect.  I also chose a stencil of hers and spelled out the word "COACH"

I protected all exposed glass with painter's tape...

 Then applied the paint with a tapping motion...

Baked for 30 minutes...

Let cool...


Stuff your mugs with peanuts, candy, a t-shirt...Easy Peasy!


  1. Great idea and I love the way it turned out. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Love it, Miss!! Got my mugs....Can't wait to get together to make them :)

  3. Hi there!
    Thanks for crediting us (House Of Joyful Noise) for this idea with your coach mugs! I appreciate that. They came out awesome, and what great ideas you added for stuffing them! Coaches DO love them, to really use, or put on a shelf as a momento for that season. Just an FYI - because I can't tell from your post if you knew this, but ours are not etched with any products. They are actually just done with frosted vinyl! So for anyone who has a cutter machine, it's a pretty fast and easy optional route to making these.
    Hope your coaches love them! : )


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