Evening Dress

So, I mentioned yesterday that I am going to London next week.  I have spent my entire month this far cleaning, making lists,  packing, making more lists, practicing my English accent (ha), and shopping.

You know how it is with dress codes - they are so confusing!!!  Why can't they just say "put on a dress!"

I felt like I had it down when I researched dress codes last summer for the conference in San Diego.  I discovered "summer chic",  "spiffy", and "resort wear".  Done, right?

Nope, this year's conference is in London and the dress codes are "Smart", "Smart Casual", and "Evening dress".

It's Feedback Friday...

Want to help decode the dress codes for me? 

"Smart Casual - no jeans"
"Evening dress"

If the itinerary says "Evening dress" would a cocktail dress be appropriate?  Long gown? Help!

While I'm at it, what should I try to see while there??


  1. I think a cocktail dress would certainly be appropriate "evening dress". And just for the record, I would pay big bucks to see you arrive for dinner wearing a hat like the one in the photo above!

  2. We´ve just come back from London last month - we go there quite frequently, since my husband´s brother lives ther, and it´s really not that far from Germany.
    I´m not sure what you intend to do there, but don´t scare yourself - you can practically wear whatever you want to, from a mumu to a bronce armour, and noone will even turn their heads. If it´s some business stuff with your husband - wear just whatever you´d wear for the same occasion at home. You´ll always have the benefit of being american, anyway, but really - I don´t think you can do much wrong :
    What I´d like to see from there?
    We tried finding platform 9 3/4, and didn´t find it. If you did, that would be cool :)
    And under tower bridge, there´s a cool little bar with people dressing in victorian dresses - I would have loved to go there by night, but we had to put our kids to sleep.
    You can skip Madame Tusseaud´s - it´s totally overpriced and pretty boring, but if you feel like standing in a queue for appr. 2 hours, the London Wheel is indeed a fantastic experience.
    And I adore St. Paul´s, probably for the romantic feeling I associate with it, but it really is something to look at - very impressive.
    Then, in Regent´s Street, there is a toystore - Henley´s - and I promise you, you haven´t seen a toystore like that. It´s so much fun, also for grown-ups...and the whole area around Regent´s Street is really nice for a shopping trip.
    And do you like tea?
    There´s a cute little Twining´s store, I forgot the adress, but they sell tea, even in very small portions beginning at 10 p. You can buy all the different sorts and taste them, cup by cup, at home.
    If you´d like to know more - oh, London, I could ramble on for hours - sorry :)
    If you take the busline 15, it will take you along all the sights, for much less money than an official tour bus. Buy an oyster card for the busses, that´s cheapest.
    Wishing you all the best for your trip, and just in case you´ll ever come to Cologne, drop me a mail, and we can meet for a cup of coffee :)

    1. Wow, you've really got me going here! Thanks for all the great ideas! What about if I wanted to go see Stonehenge or Brighton for one of our days off? Should I try to book a tour, just buy a train ticket, rent a car (yikes!)?

    2. Stonehenge is a fair old way from London just for a day off. Brighton is a good day out though but you might be able to fill your day off well enough JUST in London on it's own x

  3. London is a great place to be at the moment, every one is in such a great mood because of the Olympics, for me portobello road would be a must, the worlds largest Antiques Market, they really do sell every thing! There are so many cool places to go in I really could spend all day listing them but I would say plan what you want to do before you get there and look around for discounts and special offers the internet is full of them and you really can save a fourtune! try http://www.londonpass.com/how-it-works/what-you-get-with-the-london-pass.html
    Have a great time!

  4. As a Brit here is my interpretation.

    Smart = business suits, skirts and blouses etc
    Smart Casual = nice top and smart jeans, casual dress etc
    Evening dress = As dressed up as you can get, cocktail dress, ball gown etc. The men will probably be in black tie or very, very smart suits.

    Hope this helps x

    1. Just saw the smart casual says no jeans, revise that to nice top and trousers or skirt but not business wear! :)

      Also, just a thought, we've not had a great summer over here so bring a cardi or jumper or two! x

    2. I just looked at the weather and I packed lots of extra layers! Thank you for breaking it down for me :)


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