Home From London!

I looked at the London Eye...with no intention of getting on!

Saw beautiful architecture - can you believe this is an aquarium?  Pittsburgh needs to step it up!

I spent an afternoon shopping in Portobello with the girls and bought a dress from Princess Kate's fave designer, L.K. Bennett. The girl at the counter told me they just shipped the black and white version of this dress to Kate last week as she was wrapping my purchase.

I quoted Chevy Chase in European Vacation and said "Look kids! It's Big Ben... Parliament."  every time we saw the clock or Trafalgar Square...which was a lot.  I thought it was funny every time.

I floated along the Thames at night and saw the Tower Bridge alight.

I saw the changing of the guard at Windsor Castle, and thought it seemed really uncomfortable for those guards to stand at attention for 2 hours! I should write a letter to the Queen...or maybe Kate since we are now "dress sisters".

And I saw a Red Arrows fly over directly over my head while visiting Buckingham Palace to signify the closing of the Paralympic Games!  It took my breath away!

So that's my trip in a nut shell!  I'm glad to be home but so lucky to have seen such beautiful sights in London!


  1. just found your blog :) we were in London in the spring... beautiful ! You should have gone on the London Eye... I did :)

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a great time! What a fun experience ~ and I totally would have thought you were funny with your "Look Kids..." Beautiful pictures!

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  4. Love the pics! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Oh, I love London! Glad you had a great time-and the Big Ben thing made me laugh. I would think it was funny too.


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