Topless Drama

Well London was in an uproar while I was visiting over the topless photos of Princess Kate that a French magazine was threatening to publish.  The general public was incensed, the papers covered it on the front page every day, the news ran it as a leading story.

I googled it out of curiosity and saw a very grainy photo of Kate putting sunscreen on William's back.

Some stories I heard there claimed that Kate is not a celebrity, but a political figure  and therefore should not fall victim to the same media coverage as a celebrity.

Some other stories I heard when back in America claimed it was Kate's fault for being topless outside in the first place and she IS a celebrity and signed up for this.

It's Feedback Friday...

What do you think about the photos in question?  Gross invasion of privacy or a natural result of sunbathing topless outside? Or maybe a security breach from her team?

How would you feel if a French magazine threatened to publish topless photos of our First Lady?

Do you think of Kate as a political figure or a celebrity?


  1. I say she's more celebrity than political figure. From what I understand, the pictures the pictures were taken from about a half mile a way. That's a gross invasion of privacy no matter who you are.

  2. it's definitely an invasion of privacy, but unfortunately that's the price she pays for being royalty. I mean, being a prince didn't spare naked pictures of Harry. So, there's not much anyone can do about it.

  3. Ditto both. In addition I feel that the people who make the decisions for what to actually publish, pictures, cartoons, movies, etc. need to use better judgement. There are a lot of more important news to cover than these stories that serve no purpose to print. We need to get some adults to make adult decisions that serve the public better.

  4. I see it as the bottom line, she did nothing bad and the person taking/publishing the picture did something bad, illegal? and if it's not it should be illegal! I get the argument that she is in the public eye and should be careful but if the picture was taken for half a mile away that's just gross invasion. The discussion should more focus on what is being done to punish the people who take/publish these photos because if the majority of our time is spent criticizing her it is just going to continue to happen to people who aren't necessarily doing anything wrong.

  5. I think this whole thing is utterly ridiculous. Even though she is royalty, those photos (which have been published by a couple of magazines) were taken from a photographer hidden in bushes with a long-range lens. Kate and William were in a private residence, in the middle of nowhere. Royal or not, this was an invasion of privacy.
    On TV, the editor of French 'Closer' magazine made a comment about the topless women on the french beaches, implying it was the same thing!
    But women choosing to go topless on a public beach are aware that strangers will see them. Kate was in private, in the company of her husband, believing herself to be far from the public eye.

    I wouldn't know whether to call Kate a celebrity or a political figure, really. As royalty, she's a representative of Britain and from what I've seen, she's doing an excellent job and is respectful towards the differences in culture she is exposed to. It's a shame that the paparazzi can't be respectful towards her.

  6. Taking pictures of someone from nearly a mile away when this person had reason to believe they were in private is a gross invasion of anyone's privacy.

  7. 1. Invasion of privacy!
    2. French Beach---helloo!! Is there anyone who WASN'T topless (or worse) there?
    3. Does it matter?

    Kate is more of a celebrity, she has no say in public policy but her sweet personality makes the British Royals all that more endearing. I think this just goes along the lines of "Why can't we be happy for others happiness? Why do we have to find opportunities to denigrate our fellow beings?"

  8. i think her smile, overall energy and her actions as a stateswomen are important : ... that she manages to lead people to live peacefully, to undertake benevolent acts and to create a better place in the world, not just the UK, but everywhere that the country has a footprint made. this media drama over what she does when she's on vacation is a diversion.


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