Hope Studios' Book Club

Okay, I think we have about 12 takers for the Book Club, so it's a go!

Because of the situation we're learning about at the Middle School, and since the votes were about split, I'd like to choose Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides for our first book.  I'm leaving for London on Sunday (tagging along with the Big Guy for his conference) and I'm finishing up another book, so let's plan to discuss Middlesex on the last Friday of October, the 26th.  You can order this book "used" super cheap on Amazon if you don't have it (like, 2 bucks).

Anyone can participate, even if you didn't comment on the original email. This is a very loosey, goosey, free-flowin' book club, man....No rules, except one:  If you comment, you have to have read the book.  That's it!



  1. I'm in - so excited!!! I've had that book on my shelf and been meaning to read it for several years - now I have to do it.

    1. Me too! I've heard it's a little rough to get into but worth it. Well plow through it together :)

  2. YAY!! Oh, let me see if Louise wants to sign up...

  3. sounds like fun I'll have to see if I can get a copy from the library

  4. What time is the book club meeting on Friday? Thanks :-)

  5. What time is the discussion on Friday, please?


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