Fridge Re-do

Watching the Today Show yesterday, I learned all kinds of useful tips about my refrigerator!  Turns out, all these years I've had it wrong.  My milk was in the wrong spot, my fruits and veggies were co-habitating, my juices were taking up prime real estate, some foods that belonged in there were sitting in my pantry...it's a wonder I've lived to tell about it.

So, I made some notes and reworked my fridge yesterday.  I thought I'd share.

Did you know...

*  Dairy and meat are supposed to be stored on the bottom shelf

*  Eggs must remain in their original containers and stored on a shelf, not on the door

*  Only condiments can be stored on the door

*  Fruits and veggies need to be kept in separate drawers or your fruits will cause your veggies to spoil - high humidity for veggies and low humidity for fruits.

* Reduced sodium soy sauce needs to be refrigerated since there isn't enough salt in it to keep it from spoiling

*  Pasteurized juices can live on the top shelve

 *  Many oils such as olive oil, sesame, sunflower can benefit from refrigeration

So, yes, I was breaking almost every one of these rules.  I did the switcheroo yesterday and decided to share a photo so I can look back at it next week when my fridge is a giant mess again.  I used some of these tips to clean it.

Are you breaking any of these "refrigerator rules"?


  1. Good tips! I'm doing pretty good :) Soy sauce I've always kept in the fridge ~ good to know I'm doing something right. And I've never refrigerated oils, something to think about!

  2. I have a tip that has nothing to do with spoiling. When we bought our frig the salesman said not to store milk in the door (we have a double door frig with large door storage spaces) because the weight of the milk will wear on the door hinges causing the seal to not be tight.

  3. I have such little frig space if something doesn't have to be in there-it isn't! Yup- pretty much every rule is broken in my frig! Wonder if there is a frig police writing up tickets for condiments being somewhere besides the door!

    bee blessed

  4. haha every rule is broken in my fridge, too, just because it's SO TINY!


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