Mom on Strike


The Huffington Post shared an article about Jessica Stilwell, a frustrated mom, who went "on strike".  She was trying to teach her 3 daughters (10 and 12 years old) a lesson about picking up and wanted to show them just how much she does every day...So, she stopped doing it.

 She decided to do no picking up, washing, or tidying for as long as it took for her kids to take notice.  She wrote about it on a blog called Striking Mom where she vented and shared photos of the mess piling up.

Dirty dishes and laundry piled up, backpacks blocked the hallways, and lunch bags were left dirty.  Finally, to get their attention, she started packing lunches in the "poo bags" they used for picking up dog poo (unused, of course).  After SIX DAYS the kids finally realized something was up.  Click on the link to her blog, you won't believe the photos!

It's Feedback Friday...

Would you consider these extreme measures to teach your kids about cleaning up?

Do you do most of the cleaning up in your home?

What would happen if you went on strike for one day?


  1. That's great! I will have to check out the photos. yes, I do most of the picking up, but there are some things I refuse to be responsible for. i try not to micromanage my kids - i want them to be able to keep their own home reasonable some day. So, I figure I lead by example now, and toss in a healthy dose of delegation. (: I am home all day M-Th so I don't mind keeping the house up. But if I come home on Sunday and it's like a frat house - there's trouble...

  2. She was on a morning show and I thought what she did was great. It made her children see how valuable their mother was and to start helping her around the home. I loved it!

  3. I'm SO doing this. Good for her!!

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