Happy Halloween!

Ha ha! Happy Halloween! 

Here is my scariest face in a picture I took for my kids who want to make one of those videos where a scary face pops up at the end. Should I be offended that my kids think I'm scary enough looking for something like this? 

I made the changes to the make up I talked about for our party on Saturday night and it really made all the difference!

You can see the deep blue mixed with the black above the eye and the plum below.  I love the effect.

I also used white eyeshadow as a setting powder to give everything a  little shimmer.

Finally, I cut out a little rose shaped stencil and filled it in with the plum eye shadow for my chin, it's a little neater than the free handed rose I tried before.

How did you all fare in the storm? Pittsburgh is still getting rain that turned to snow this morning, but no damages and little flooding.


  1. Love the way it turned out! Did your husband do his own?

  2. Hi, Jennifer

    Great makeup work! I'm glad you and your family are well from the storm. Just stop by to say hello and Happy Halloween!



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