Medical MJ for Kiddos?

Medical marijuana has been approved in many states to help chemotherapy patients cope with nausea and appetite loss.  Meet Mykayla, a 7 year old Oregon resident, receiving treatment to combat an particularly aggressive form of leukemia...and also a medical marijuana user. (source)

Mykayla's father was horrified when he learned of his daughter's marijuana use, while her mother and mother's boyfriend see the drug as a harmless way for Mykayla to treat pain, nausea, sleeplessness, and depression.

Mykayla described the effects of the drug this way "First you get hungry," she said. "Then you get really funny, and then you get tired."(source)

Mykayla is authorized to use medical marijuana by the state of Oregon. 

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you think children should be given the option of using medical marijuana to combat the symptoms of illnesses?

Would you ever consider giving medical marijuana to your child?

Should both parents have a say in this sort of medical decision regarding their child?


  1. I hope that I never have to make this decision and if I ever did that I would have the full support of my husband. I think I would definitively look at all the options and side effects of all treatments and try to pick what works the best with the least amount of side effects. If the best option was marijuana, then I would treat it the same as any other prescription drug.

    1. Isn't this a really hard question to answer as a parent? I keep leaning one way then the other...

  2. Absolutely. whatever is going to help your child, right? I don't really see any negative repercussions except the social ones.

  3. If my child were seriously ill and there was something available to help alleviate any pain or discomfort, I absolutely would want to do anything to help my child. It's a drug just like morphine or any other controlled substance.

  4. I agree - if it makes your child feel better and doesn't have dangerous side effects I would definitely go for it.

  5. If it helped my child feel better, then yes.

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  7. I suffer from a chronic illness and naseua is one of the symptoms so if smoking marijuana would help I would definitely use it. Definitely anything to help my child if it is not going to have irreprable side effects.

  8. That kid goes through chemo, right?
    I bet that´s a lot worse than a little mj.
    Plus, doesn´t even cough syrup contain alcohol? I really don´t get why there is such a double standard when it comes to drugs.

  9. I suggest bee pollen instead, our inexpensive superfood that strengthens the body, and seems to aid with chemo's side effects. Plus, I recommend alternative treatment i.e. reiki energy therapy, which is a balancing therapy, which helps both emotional as well as physical imbalances, and addresses the causes of these imbalances rather than creating any potentially additional problems. Both of these are freely available and are relatively inexpensive.

  10. I am way late on this... but, I'd like to say that I probably would allow it for my child if it was prescribed and helps them feel better without harming their little bodies any more.

    At the same time... YES, BOTH parents most definitely need to be in agreement on it or it shouldn't be used.


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