Guest Room Comforts

Remember hot pots from your days in college?  I stayed in a hotel room this summer that provided a little "comfort station" for guests with a hot pot, mugs, and various beverages like teas, hot chocolate, and instant coffees.

How simple!  I made a little spot under the night stand in my guest room to do the same.  I could add some cookies or muffins before guests arrive.  This allows them to take their time before getting up in the morning or lets them wind down before bed.

It would be just as simple to make up a basket if you don't have a shelf.

What kinds of special things do you do for your overnight guests?


  1. We don't have a guest room, but I like that idea. Gives them a private space to enjoy tea before bed - nice! I like the idea of having an extra basket of toiletries on hand in the guest bathroom. i think that's a nice touch, too.

    1. I agree! I'm the one who runs out the door without essentials like a toothbrush!

  2. Hi, Jennifer
    Great space and love how it looks so cozy.


  3. I leave a bucket full of cleaning supplies on their bed so they can clean up after themselves so I don't have to do it when they leave.

    JUST KIDDING. We don't have overnight guests because they all got tired of cleaning.


  4. That's such a great idea! I will have to remember that one. We transform my 14 year old son's room into the guest room when need be (and that is not an easy task!) I always leave a basket with toiletries and fresh towels, some magazines and a little vase of flowers or greens from my yard….all to distract the eye from the sports paraphernalia all over the place!


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