I Fixed My Dryer!!!

First, can I say how satisfying to fix something without having to ask The Big Guy for help?  Can I get an Amen?

I have a Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer combo, and a few months ago I told you How To Fix Your Washing Machine for overly long wash cycles and the "Suds" error message.  

Well, now it's time to tune up the dryer.

I've noticed that over the past few months it has been taking longer and longer for my loads to dry.  Pretty soon I was drying every load on "heavy duty" and sometimes it was still a little damp at the end.  So frustrating!

I'm good about emptying the lint filter, but I wondered if some lint was escaping into the area around the filter?  Let me walk you through it...

First and most importantly - either unplug your machine or turn off the breaker.  Try to turn it on afterward to be sure no electricity is getting to your dryer.  I'll wait...

Now, you can see my lint filter is in the front and held in place by screws in the front of the dryer:

And screws inside the dryer on the back of the filter (view from inside looking out):

After you remove all the screws, the pocket that holds the lint filter in place will come loose from the dryer.  It will be attached by wires so just hinge it open.

Now you can see doooowwwnnn into a dark, scary hole that is full of scary stuff like random lint and paper clips...although as you reach your hand into this hole your imagination will trick you into thinking it is full of snakes and mice and spiders.

You will want to rig up all sorts of contraptions to reach into this hole for you like bottle brushes and kitchen tongs wrapped in towels and yard sticks but really your hands work best.

Just take a deep breath and reach in there and pull out all the lint clogging up the bottom of this void and up into the pipe that runs under and out of the dryer.  I found it easier if I squeezed my eyes shut while squealing.  You will get a shiver and feel like you have cooties when you are finished.

Here is the collection of crap I pulled out of the bottom of my lint collection area.  See? No spiders or rats or snakes!

Scoop up all the lint and run the vacuum hose around inside the hole to clean up all the dust.

When you load your dryer the next time, you will have dry clothes lickety split!  (remember to return the power to your machine or you will panic and think you broke it...um, not that I did that or anything...)

Now, go lay down, you've had a trying day...


  1. I totally felt every cringe you made! The door on mine has a cavern that fills up too. It's visual but still gross. I think I'll go take a shower now. Have a great day!

    I Create Purty Thangs

  2. Ha ha! Brave woman, and so handy (:

  3. Brave-I would have tried to bribe one of my boys to reach in there:)

  4. It was like a weird mix of creepy and satisfying. :)


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