Portable Iphone Speakers in a Pinch (and my favorite beach cocktail)

During this month's Family Vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ, the adults would sit out on the porch and listen to music on our phones before dinner each night while enjoying an Orange Crush* (our  favorite beach beverage). 

The kids came out one evening with an empty paper towel tube and a pair of scissors and whipped up this crazy looking set of "speakers" to amplify the music.  Believe it or not, it worked!

They said they saw the idea on Instagram and we had some nice tunes for the rest of our vacation.

Want to make some speakers for the next time you are in a pinch? 

Just cut an opening the width and depth of your phone into the top of a paper towel tube. 

We discovered that only cutting on 2 short sides and 1 long side while folding the remaining long side inward created a tighter fit so that the phone was suspended rather than resting on the bottom of the tube.  It created better sound when the speaker on the bottom of the phone wasn't touching the bottom of the tube.

Might as well pour yourself a drink after you make this portable speaker:

Orange Crush Cocktail

Fill a glass with ice

Squeeze a half an orange into the glass, then drop the squeezed half into the glass

Add a shot (or two) of Orange Stoli

Top off with Sprite.



  1. I did the same thing using a toilet paper tube with my Nook tablet. The sound on that thing is crappy so when I am lying in bed watching Netflix or whatever, I just slip on the paper tube and it is amazing how much better it sounds! (Albeit pretty goofy looking!)

  2. Music and drinks- what a perfect combination! Thanks for the tips. I plan to use both of them very soon. ;-)

  3. Great idea on the music! And I could really use a drink right now and that one sounds like the perfect summer "treat"! :)


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