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Ringtones crack me up, especially if they have some sort of significance.  I have a variety of ringtones on my phone and just learned how to make more!  Check out this tutorial I pinned: How to Make Ringtones for Iphone.  I'm obsessed.

My default ringtone is "Jenny" by Tommy Tutone and has been for as long as ringtones have been available to me.  I change my other contacts' rings to something that makes me laugh or reminds me of them, so here is my ringtone run down:

The Big GuyA Pirate Looks at 40 by Jimmy Buffett For my own Pirate

Oldest sonMom, Mum, Mommy from Family Guy. He sounds EXACTLY like him on the phone.

Middle son: Hey Girl, from Regular Show cartoon that cracks me up when he says it

My friend who just moved away: Hi Kevin,  from Spongebob.  We had a funny joke in Key West about a guy in a band I was stalking.  The Big Guy leaned over and said "Hey Kevin, will you come say hello to my wife?"  We were hysterical because the guy's name was really Nick...the Big Guy didn't get it.

My Brother: Opening guitar for Sweet Child O' Mine from Guns and Roses

Sister-In-Law: Bananas by Gwen Stefanie for an old joke about being able to have fun in a paper bag.

My Soul SistersSoul Sister by Train

It's Feeback Friday...

Tell me about your ringtones!

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  1. I need to check out your tutorial. I am boring, pretty much it chimes for texts and rings for calls. My husbands ringtone is churchbells and my daughter's texts (b/c teenagers don't call) tone is a trumpet, b/c every princess's announcements should be properly heralded.


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