School Shooting Drill - Feedback Friday

I noticed a story this week posted on Facebook by a high school friend, that our high school conducted a School-Shooting Drill this week.

The drill took 4 months of preparation organized by Scott Henry and involved shooters, victims, and "havoc and mayhem". (source)  Their goal was to get many community agencies to work together in case of a real emergency.

It's Feedback Friday...

What do  you think of this sort of "School Shooter Drill" in schools?  

Should it become a regular drill along with the fire drills and tornado drills?


  1. Back to the heavy topics?

    School shootings are horrific.

    I've always wondered how much help any sort of drills are in real emergencies and really how can you train for something like this? Here in Texas, some people are proposing that there be certain staff at schools designated as secret school marshals that are trained and granted to the right to have a concealed weapons at school. I'm not sure how to prevent crazy determined people from committing mass murder, but it might deter some crazies if they knew that there were a few good guys with guns an unprotected population of sitting ducks.

  2. Unfortunately, I think it's necessary. Out in California, we have earthquake drills because they happen all the time. Since school shooters are not limited by geographic location/weather, preparedness only makes sense for our country. One of the last shootings here happened at a community college where I used to go on Saturdays with a friend for a tap dance class. My sister and her boyfriend work very nearby and had to wait while the area was cleared. My mom and dad work in an office building attached to a hospital where there was a shooter roaming around. Nearly everybody I know has been near a shooting or impacted by one, and there is nothing worse than knowing your loved one could potentially be in harm's way. Just my two cents. :)

  3. It sounds to me like this wasn't a "school" drill...emergency systems put on lots of mock mass casualty type of drills. My husband's been in on fake airplane crashes, bus accidents, and even a statewide drill involving hundreds of departments. It's good to practice, see where they can improve, and have a common game plan.

    As far as shooting drills in school, definitely needed...that way people know what to do and where to go. It's unfortunate , but we can't hide our heads in the sand and think these things don't happen.

  4. We have shooting drill at the schools here where I live. At the school district my kids attend all the class rooms have doors that automatically lock if there is danger. The children practice escape roots and where to hide and where to meet up if separated and what to do if they are in the halls or another area of the school. The kids do not know what day they will happen but are told that it will happen during a week or month period. They do this drill twice a year.

    I was there one day when such a random drill was going on for a meeting.when I arrived the office staff warned me that this was going to happen in a few minutes and gave me the choice to stay or leave. I chose to stay and see what this drill was all about. I was honestly surprised at how intense this drill was instead of a fire alarm or tornado alarm it was gun shot sounds coming from the PA. It was scary but I was impressed at the same time how quick the kids were taken to safety. I also learned that each time this happens there are different sanarios. This time the pretend gun men was in a class room. This was an elementary school.

    I hate that this is the world we live in but I am glad that my children are prepared and armed with the knowledge of what to do in such a situation.

  5. I think it sounds like a good idea too, especially since so many different departments have to work together in this situation.

  6. Unfortunately, this is the direction our country has gone....... I think it is completely necessary. My kids have the regular tornado and fire drills but they also have lock down drills in case there is an emergency such as a shooter. Scary but all to real anymore.

  7. I love the idea of all the community resources practicing coming together to help in an emergency. We also have lock down drills in our school.. The gun shot noises over the PA system would scare the crap out of me...so sad that it's necessary :(


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