Girlfriend's Lunch and a Kitchen Tour

The Soul Sisters just got together for the first time since school let out for the summer!  We gathered at Marzipan's house to tour her newly renovated kitchen, lunch, and crafty goodness.

I took lots of photos to show you the amazing kitchen in her 100+ year old home.  Let's start!

The black granite and subway tiles are amazing!   The tiles have a little bit of iridescence that didn't translate in the photos.

The open shelving and white dishware is amazing! So many windows!

This end of the kitchen is her baking station for her pastry business!  Stainless steel counter, lots of roomy drawers for ingredients, and a drawer-style dishwasher! More open shelves for her cake stand collection.

The island is nice and long and is filled with even more drawers for storage.

This huge stainless range/double oven is the centerpiece of the kitchen.  Set against one of the original brick walls, it's amazing!

Marzipan prepared build-your-own fajitas at the bar for lunch, which was simple and delicious!

I'll share the crafty part of our afternoon on Monday.  But in the meantime, I'll leave you with a photos to keep you guessing:


  1. Love it! The open shelving makes me nervous though because my cabinets hide ALLLL kinds of junk. Am I the only one with this problem?

    1. I hear you, sister! She has lots of lower cabinets and another wall of upper cabinets to hide all the messy stuff!

  2. Love her kitchen ~ that brick wall gorgeous!!!

  3. The kitchen is fab. I love the seating are with the lights. And the range fantastic.


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