Season Finale - Feedback Friday

With all the buzz of Breaking Bad this year, I wish I would have started watching it.  Who knows what I watch during that time slot, but it wasn't Breaking Bad.

A friend of mine discovered Friday Night Lights on Netflicks last year and wondered why she didn't watch it when it was on.  She then proceeded to watch the entire series in one week in a Friday Night Lights binge!

It's Feedback Friday...

What awesome TV series did you fail to watch and regretted it?


  1. I didn't get to see the whole NJ Housewives series this year -- Guess I'll watch it on Netflix or Hulu Plus.

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  3. It's about a bazillion degrees here in the summer and my other too were gone at camp, and so my youngest watched every single Psych Episode in about a week. Should I leave my address so you know where to send the Mother-of-the Year Award? My husband has recently discovered Burn Notice, which I hate, and he is on season 4.


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