Invisibility or Flight?

You have an opportunity to acquire a superpower...

You are the only person in the world to have this power...

Would you choose Invisibility or Flight?
(thanks to This American Life for today's inspiration)


  1. Flight. Since I am not a spy or a creeper, I can't think of any good reasons to be invisible. FYI: My husband's super power of choice would to be able to always say the exact right thing at the right time.

    1. I pick your husband's power! My life would be much less uncomfortable. (cringe)

  2. Flight for sure! Even if I'm invisible I wouldn't be able to visit all the places I could go if I could fly ! What an awesome superpower to have. I think we can all become invisible on our own some days... and do it with grace. Happy Friday ! Karen on Keuka

  3. Invisibility - hop onto trains, planes, etc. whenever I want, going anywhere I want. Even with flying, you'll have to watch out for birds, planes, weather...you might as well hitch a free ride in a safe vehicle and grab a "free" meal. (: Plus, imagine all the good you can do while no one is the wiser...invisibility for sure!

  4. I'd pick invisibility. Then I'd prune my neighbor's ivy, trip the lady who lets her dog poop on everyone's lawn extension (without cleaning it up), and organize the coat area of my son's classroom without anyone knowing how much the chaos bothers me.
    I'd also probably hop a plane to Paris, Milan, and Tokyo on a whim (bypassing the unnecessary screening); walk past the incredibly long line at the Louvre; and maybe put my name on the reservation list when I'm in the mood for a beautiful dinner at the last minute.


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