Annual Soul Sister's Ornament Exchange!

It was another fun night of good food, laughter, waitress name guessing, and ornament exchanging again this year!  I'm not sure if anyone else in the place had as much fun as we did, but we had enough fun for everyone.

Marzipan went first and gave a sweet, beaded curly wire Christmas Tree that stores flat in the box then springs into action when you pull on the ribbon to hang it on the tree.

See it sparkle by the light of the tree?

Treat Girl went next and gave this sweet little Claus couple she made in her ceramics class that we teased her about endlessly!

Look at the shy expression on Mrs. Clause and the eyes are amazingly full of life!

Joy was inspired by the magazine article she is holding up that used cut branches to make a huge art installation:

She gathered each tiny twig and cut it and glued it into a star-shaped cookie cutter. She covered the cutter with this sweet candy cane striped ribbon and some tiny jingle bells!

Megan went after her and gave us these amazing balls filled with feathers from her backyard guinea hens!

The feathers are naturally beautiful and glow in the lights of the tree.  Check out the perfect polka dots made by nature!

I went last and gave my Melted Snowman ornament I taught you how to make last week:

Some kids' clay and a few more supplies helped these snowmen come together quickly.

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve!

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  1. Great recap! As always, my favorite night of the year! Merry Christmas!


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