I'm Mellllltinnnnnggggg...

The Soul Sisters get together every year to exchange ornaments at Christmas time - and today is that day!

There are a few rules...

The ornaments must be hand made
The supplies to make the ornaments must cost under $20.

Ready to learn how to make this year's Soul Sister's Ornament, Melting Snowman?

This year's ornament was inspired by this cute little  cookie that has been making it's way around Pinterest for the past year or so:


Crayola Model Magic (I used two 4 oz. packages to make 6 ornaments)
Red felt
Orange paint or orange marker
Black Sharpie marker
Hot Glue Gun
Twigs or sticks from the yard
Drinking Straw
Blue Acrylic Paint
Tiny Buttons (I found them at JoAnn's behind the button section in a tiny bag)

Roll your model magic clay into 3 balls, each a size smaller than the last.

Press the clay balls into a flattened circle.  You could use a rolling pin, but I liked the look of using my fingers to flatten and make the circles not perfectly round.

My largest circle is about 3 inches in diameter, but you can make your snowman any size.

Next, I used a watered down blue acrylic paint and applied it to the edges of the circles with my fingers (you will see I tend to to this a lot in projects!)

Since the circles are not dry, you can stack the middle sized circle right on top of the largest circle and they will stick to each other!

Cut your felt into a small scarf, fringe the ends with the scissors then, fold the scarf in half and hot glue to the middle circle like this:

Hot glue the smallest "head circle" on top of the scarf like this:

Now, roll a tiny carrot nose and color it with orange paint or an orange marker.  You can make little lines in it by pressing into the top with a toothpick.  Hot glue into place. (it's starting to look snowman-ish!)

Hot glue tiny buttons into place. (love these tiny buttons, but I have NO idea what I'll do with the rest of them!)

At some point, you will use the drinking straw to poke a hole into the clay so you can hang your ornament:

Using a marker or paint pen, simply dot the eyes and mouth onto the head of the snowman:

Now slide a string or ribbon through the hole and run outside in your slippers to get a picture on the tree in the back yard while your neighbors watch out the window shaking their heads...again...

I'll show the rest of the ornaments the girls made after our party!


  1. So cute! Wish it actually snowed here!

    1. Packaging up my extra 2 inches of snow and sending your way :)

  2. that's so cute! I'm heading out to Joann's to get Model Magic this afternoon!! thanks for the awesome idea!

  3. Wow....he is soooo cute! Great idea!

  4. I'm so gonna make these next year for my nieces and nephews! I looooove mine :) And Yes! I still have intentions of blogging something this month!!


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