Last Minute Christmas Cards

Juniper Christmas Card 2013

Did  you forget to order your Christmas cards again?  Don't worry!  It's not too late!  I can have cards in your hands in an hour!


1. Chose your favorite photo.

2. Open it in your favorite editor (I like PicMonkey)

3. Write your holiday sentiment and names using the text tools.

4. Save to your computer.

5. Upload photo and order 5x10 prints at any 1 hour photo developing place - Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc...

6. Run to store to pick up blank envelopes (a little larger than 5x7 - I found mine at Staples)

7. Pick up your "cards" at the photo processing spot.

8. Send Juniper a Christmas card

You're Welcome. :)


  1. you should use these photos, upload them and then send them out to your beloved ones from here: https://www.christmasstories.smart.com/en/ie/

    merry xmas


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