Look What I Found!

Look what we found in the woods behind my house!  What should I do with it? 

No, seriously...am I going to get cooties?  How do you prepare/clean something like this?  How could I make some cool decor?


  1. Hubby boils his in water and I think adds some borax. I'm not too sure as I try to avoid the process. :) Google how to "boil out" a deer head for European mount.

  2. I bet your boys are in heaven. I think it would be fun to hang it on the wall and decorate it for each season (after you clean it).

  3. Boiling it (with borax is good) is the way we handled shark's jawbones found on the beach. It works well, but it takes a very long time (some took 3 or 4 tries for 2 or 3 hours each time), Do this outdoors because it will smell a lot. Good luck.


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