Look how sweet these boys look?  Don't be fooled, they turn into deranged animals when it comes to deciding who sits in the front seat.  I'm losing my ever-loving mind!

The older one thinks he gets to have the front because he's oldest, the other two think they should get it if they call it, sometimes they say the person who reaches the car first gets it and sometimes they think the person who can physically remove the others from the seat gets it.

I walked up to the car this weekend and they entire thing was rocking as an all out brawl was going down in the passenger seat - someone was screaming "I called shotgun for the whole week!"  Someone else screamed "You can't DO that!"

Dear God, someone help me!

What do you all do about shotgun disputes?  Do you have a system?  Help!

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  1. We switch off months (bc/ I can't remember by week). It worked out great. Now that my oldest drives (which will absolutely make you lose your mind), she doesn't care as much and just climbs in the back. Good luck!

  2. This made me laugh - sorry! In our house, the oldest always got shotgun. However, for many years I drove a mini van with captain's chairs, so that eliminated so much grief. This will make you laugh someday, too. What sweet boys - I would never picture them brawling...(:

    1. This really is such a ridiculous problem! It was like WWF in the front seat that day and everyone had to sit in the back!

  3. What handsome boys! I think we've all lived through the shotgun wars...usually the oldest claimed the front seat but luckily they usually managed to work it out.
    Hang in there...this too shall pass! ~Cheryl

  4. I can relate! My 2 girls used to fight over the front seat too! Rule was/is they had to call shotgun outside before getting to the car. 1st person got it. This prevented one of them from calling long before we would go out & when the other couldn't hear it. They were good about sharing though. If we were going to the store, the one who sat in front would normally relinquish the front to give the other a turn to our next destination. This is definitely one of those things you will laugh about when they get older. Have fun! :) KS

  5. When we were kids, my brothers and I had "days up front." My days were Wednesdays and Sundays, one brother had Thursdays and Mondays, and the other had Fridays and Tuesdays. Saturdays were up for grabs. We still joke about "it's MY day up front!"

  6. I have 3 boys and we had the same situation going on. So this summer we selected days that each child would sit up front and Sunday was up to me! It has worked great and no more battles and tears. At least over that issue anyway!!

  7. I have 2 daughters and our system was one was assigned odd numbered days and the other even numbered days for riding shotgun. Just had to remember to alternate which days we went out so each got a turn.


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