$5 Kitchen iPad Stand - 2 Ways!

I don't know about you, but I have a whole stack of cookbooks I rarely use anymore.  Just about everything I use I have saved on Pinterest (God help me if Pinterest ever goes away - my family will starve!)

I've seen these iPad stands in some of the catalogs I've gotten in the mail and wanted to try to reproduce it on the cheap.  I found an 8x11 inch bamboo cutting board for $3.99 at Marshall's and some blocks from my kids' stash and knew I could do it. 

Under $5 sound good to you?

$5 iPad Stand


8x11 inch cutting board
Triangle shaped wooden block
Long, thin wooden block, about 4x1/3 inches (this is part of a Lincoln Log set, but anything with these general dimensions would work)
Wood glue
Paint (optional)

Begin by gluing the blocks into place, the triangle on the back will serve as a stand and the long thin block will serve as a mini shelf for your device:

Functionally, your stand is usable as soon as the glue dries, but to make it pretty try some paint!

I started with an undercoat of black:

Then covered it with a topcoat of ivory.  I added some kitchen-y words and sanded the top down until some of the black peeked through - especially on the corners:

I made this one as a gift then made a second one for myself out of a $5 chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and the stand up back I removed from a picture frame glued the the back:

I ended up with an iPad stand that doubles as a Menu Board...Tada!

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