Disguising Gifts of Cash

Maybe I'm a pooper, but I hate to give teens an envelope of cash for holidays.  I know it makes them happy, but I love the look of disappointment when they see a box to open when they asked for money. This year, I disguised cash in a couple different ways.

Above, I made a tube from card stock and placed it into a jar with cash inside. Then, I filled up the jar around the tube with candy and screwed on the lid.  Heh, heh, the poor kid thought he was getting a jar of candy for his 16th birthday! Hilarious.

For his second gift, I removed candy from a box of chocolates and filled the spaces with folded up cash and candy coins:

Happy gifting!


  1. I love your ideas. I will definitely be giving them a try.

  2. I love disguising cash or gift card gifts! My son received a gift card inside one of those maze boxes ~ he had to move a ball through the maze to unlock the box. Kind of like this one:

    He was so frustrated with it and I couldn't help but laugh a little :)


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