Skin Care Saturday!

Lip Lines! I swear, they are a dead giveaway to our age!

What the heck causes lip lines?  

Sun exposure, aging, smoking, and repeated lip movements in speech or facial expression.

What can we all do now to avoid the dreaded lip lines later? 

* Stop smoking

* Be vigilant about sunscreen (REVERSE Broad Spectrum 50+ Sunscreen)*

* Stop drinking from straws (I just learned this!)

How to fix the lines we already have?

*Topical treatments containing anti-oxidants that increase collagen and smooth the lip area (REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum)*

* Topical treatments containing hyaluronic acid (REDEFINE Acute Care for expression lines)*

* Botox, filler injections, laser resurfacing (sounds painful and expensive!)

So there you have it, no more straws, be hyper-vigilant with sunscreen, and repair the lines you already have with Acute Care. You're welcome!

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By becoming part of my team you could earn your own skincare products for free by helping others and earning a commission.


By becoming a Preferred Customer.  A one time $19.95 fee on your first order of $80 or more gets you some perks:
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