4 Days Post-Op Update!

So, I'm 4 days out of ACL Repair Surgery and knee-deep in the rehab process. They had me in my 1st PT session less than 24 hours out of surgery!!

My 4 exercises are:

Quad Sets - tightening quad muscles with legs outstretched. 
Quad Raises- raising straight leg to the height of opposite knee. 
Calf Stretches - pulling back foot with straight leg. 
Heel Slides - pull heel toward butt using a strap. 

Here is my improvised Heel Slide DIY:

Using my kids' roll-up sled as a smooth surface and a yoga strap, I can get good glide as I pull my heel back to get a 90 degree bend. Improvisational PT equipment!!


  1. Ouch!! Wishing you a speedy recovery Jenn - and I love your groovy wine glass pants!! :)

  2. Good luck and keep that PT up! I couldn't comment on your question for me since you are a 'no reply' blogger. But I had very different surgery. In any case, my quads on the left forgot how to function and I had to relearn how to walk. I used a stim device for two months - thank you, insurance company. MY ADVICE: Be religious about those exercises and push yourself as much as is comfortable and safe. P.S. Love those pj's. YOU CAN DO THIS! Sending you best wishes!


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