Day 1, Aruba

Arashi Beach was listed as one of the best places to snorkel in Aruba, and it was just a few miles away from our resort on Palm Beach!  We jumped in the car with the snorkel gear we packed in our suitcases our first morning on the island.

There is a smooth spot to enter the water to the left-hand side of the beach and a few palms and trees to grab some shade while you're there.

We saw lots of sea urchins and fish, a huge starfish and an eel here.  Most of the "good stuff" was out just beyond the ropes to the right.

After we snorkeled, we hiked a little bit along the rocky coastline using the trail to the right - lots of scrub, divi trees and cactus:

There are tide pools to explore with crabs and little fish:

A couple cool trees for photos:

and lots of pelicans roosting:

Goats roam the island freely!  On our way back to our resort, we saw a large herd of them grazing on the grass in front of the entrance!

We arrived on the island around 10 am so we had plenty of time to explore and grocery shop for the week before we could check in. 

We stayed on Palm Beach, so we shopped at Super Food. They had many brands my kids like and also some new things for us to try. All their deli meats and cheeses are pre-sliced and shrink wrapped in cellophane in 1/3 pound portions so it's quick and easy to pick up.  Lots of nice produce and prepared snacks and appetizers.

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