Product Spotlight : Microdermabrasion Paste

 So many times, I have people ask me what one product I would choose if I could only choose one.  I'm torn between a great moisturizer and a great exfoliate....but, twist my arm...

In my opinion, investing in a good exfoliate is the single best thing you can do for your skin.  There are so many benefits!  Wanna know what they are?

1.  Improved Texture: I love my baby-soft cheeks when I regularly exfoliate!  Even The Big Guy, who never goes overboard in the complementing department, has commented on my soft skin.  Soft skin = more cuddles and kisses. Win/Win.  Dry skin? Exfoliate it away!

2. Closer Shave: I exfoliate my legs a few times per month before shaving to get super smooth legs and The Big Guy exfoliates before shaving his face. It really does clear the way for your razor to be more effective so you don't clog up your blade with dead skin cells. Try it!

3. Battle Aging: Help your body shed those aging skin cells! It gets harder and harder to do so as we age, and dull cells on the surface make fine lines and wrinkles more visible! Exfoliating gives your skin a beautiful polish and helps you age more gracefully.

4.  Help Prevent Breakouts:  Dead skin cells can block your pores, trapping dirt and oils under the surface that can create blemishes.  Keep your pores and your skin clear!

5. Even Skin Tone: This is the more common reason women wear make up! Exfoliation helps turn over the sun damaged cells on the surface, revealing the new cells underneath.  It has an added benefit of ridding the surface of your skin of left-over make up from cleansing!

6. Helps Products Penetrate:  Make your investment in quality products count by eliminating the layers of dead cells between your products and your skin!

7. Improve Sunless Tanner Performance: Exfoliating gives you a smooth canvas that allows the tanner to penetrate and create a natural looking glow.  Dead skin cells = orange streaky tan 

8. Improves Skin Tone: When you eliminate dead skin cells, you stimulate your body to create more. Cell turnover = brighter, tighter skin

 Rodan+Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is an amazing exfoliate! You can use it alone, or pair it with a variety of other products to solve TONS of skincare issues.  Here are just a few...


Questions?  Comment or email me - hopestudios1 (at) Gmail (dot) com 

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