Ski Condo Disaster

Remember a few years ago when I showed you how I decorated our little ski condo on the cheap?

We have had so many great years there and I have always loved the cozy colors and pine cones and plaid curtains. Well, they have been renovating the exterior of our building to repair some rotted siding and replacing windows.  We drove up to check it out last week...

We saw the exterior on our way into the building.  I'll take you through our thought process...

Wow! Looks extensive, but I love the new color of the siding!

Holy crap, the deck has been removed and reattached!  The railings aren't even on!

 Um...Do you see 2x4's inside that window or is it just me???

We walked into our condo...

Holy. Crap. Is that wall totally gone???

The carpet is even ripped up and the ceiling is ripped out!

All our stuff is thrown into one of the bedrooms! 

So, stay tuned to see if there will be another ski condo makeover here soon...

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