Summertime, Cotton Candy, Potato Patch Fries, Lemonade...Kennywood!!!

Kennywood Park is a summertime Pittsburgh staple. The quintessential old fashioned amusement park figures into the summer routine of nearly every Pittsburgher. Lifetime residents love Kennywood fervently and follow their own routine religiously! Ours always begins and ends with the Kangaroo, followed by the Jack Rabbit (twice), measure up for the Racers (hmmm, too short), wait in the loooong line for Noah's Ark, jump on the Pirate Ship (twice) and circle around ending with Lost Kennywood to get splashed by the Pittsburgh Plunge.Make stop to the Potato Patch in the middle and finish with a square ice cream cone covered in nuts and topped with a cherry and get out of dodge with a ride on the ski chair lift to the upper parking lot. Ideally, this routine takes place between the hours of 11 am to 11 pm (no lie, a trip to Kennywood is a 10-12 hour affair!)

My husband walks through the park telling stories of school and family trips in his childhood (he was always allowed to wear his new school shoes for the first time on Kennywood day) and is always filled with reminiscence. Folks newer to town, like me, grow to love it just as much in their own way and are eager to create their own family memories. Come on along to Kennywood...

If your trip ends in your driveway like this, you've done it right!

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