"MOM!!!! Come UP here... HURRY!" Helper Munchkin's loud yell sends up a warning signal, so I dash up the steps on a peaceful Sunday morning to see what's up.

Relax, mom, he's just wiggled himself into his Build-a-Bear's Spiderman costume...no biggie:

Whew! I thought, maybe his nose was on fire or something!

The Peacemaker has been having nightmares (this has started at exactly the same age as it did with #1 son!) so he and Helper Munch have been sleeping together to ward off the boogieman. I snuck in to take their picture last night, and it was the cutest damn thing I've ever seen! I'm sure this will scar them later in life, but I have to share.

In April Fools news...I actually made my oldest son cry with my brilliant April Fools prank. I picked him up from the bus stop and told him to jump in because we were on the way to the doctor for a flu shot. He was weeping so loud I had to say "April Fool!" three times! Evil.

In an effort to reduce our weekly garbage accumulation, I have successfully contained our garbage to 2 kitchen sized garbage bags each week for our family of five for the last month! I actually took a picture of the garbage in the can to show you, but realized that is disgusting! Sorry.

I fall into obsessions and my latest is acquiring a wasp nest like this one:

It came to me one day that I could do something really cool with gold leaf and a wasp nest, but I haven't been able to find one! I'm probably going to have a car accident, because I drive down the road looking into the trees all day. The sycamore tree branch obsession turned out okay, so I'm going to keep looking. Oh, if you have one let me know. We can brainstorm how to get it!

Check out this hilarious picture Joy took of me while playing at an indoor playground last week!

I was fearin' for my life as I hurled down the world's fastest inflatable slide. Luckily, my friend caught it all on film to give to the morgue, by way of explanation, in the event of my death.

Finally, there are five days left for the Hope Studios "Boring Women Have Clean Houses" plaque. Click here to enter your own story of disorder!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for the laughs first thing this morning! The spiderman picture is hysterical!

    What's up with your Twitter link? Twitter says you don't exist. So I told it it better stop that 'cuz that could really hurt someone's feelings!

  2. What a fun post! I really enjoyed it. I am glad you lived to tell about the slide.

  3. what a wonderfully random post and the pictures punctuate it so beautifully ...

    ... am wishing a (an empty) wasp nest lands in your lap really, really soon. :)


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