Let's Make Some Fancy Schmancy Caramel Apples!

You know those big, juicy caramel apples you can buy at fancy shops around this time of the year? Those things can run anywhere from $5 - $15 apiece and you can make something just as beautiful and delicious at home.

Let's gather our ingredients-

Choose 8 big, perfect Granny Smiths (I love the Costco Grannies in that plastic bubble container for this project):

About 40 Caramels (If you use this one, they include the sticks! Bonus!)

8 Popsicle Sticks

Semi-Sweet and White Chocolate Chips

An assortment of chopped nuts, mini-chips, mini-M&M's, sprinkles, Heath bars, etc...

Let's begin-

Melt your caramels in a pan with 4 Tbsp. of water,stirring until smooth (this is the most frustrating part).

Meanwhile, jam the blunt Popsicle sticks into the hard apple creating a sore palm and some swearing. I think the swearing actually helps the stick penetrate the apple. I don't know, I've never made these without swearing.

Prepare a cookie sheet covered with buttered plastic wrap. Arrange 8 little piles of whatever little goodies you chose (m&m's, nuts, sprinkles...). You will be setting the wet caramel apples on top of each pile to add another layer of goodness.

Once the caramels are melted, hold the apples by the stick and dip and twist your apple until it's coated. I like to tip the pan to make the caramel deeper. Continue to twirl the apple on the way up and over to the cookie sheet, and set it down on a pile of nuts, or m&m's or chocolate chips, or whatever else you dreamed up. You can kind of roll it around to embed the goodies into the caramel.

Repeat until all the apples are coated and nested in goodies. Let cool and set up.

Next, melt each of the chocolate and white chips, then place melted chocolate into two separate Ziploc baggies. Cut off the corner and squeeze each one over the caramel, nutty goodness in a messy criss cross fashion, just load it up!

See how pretty?

Get some crinkly cello wrap and a ribbon and you've got a teacher's gift to send along before Thanksgiving break. An apple for the teacher can never steer you wrong!

Do you have a yummy, sweet recipe? Head on over to Fist Full of Dandelions to link up to her recipe swap party.



  1. Great it is 7:50 AM and I want a yummy caramel apple. Thank goodness I don't have the ingredients on hand :) Looks great and such a good idea for teachers. Hopefully I will remember that in a couple of years when the boys start kindergarten OR maybe I will conveniently share this post with my husbands students :) YUM!

  2. These look delish and you make it sound easy. I'd have no problem with the swearing part, either!!! lol.

    It really is a fabulous idea for teachers, as well as friends for the holidays...

  3. I love caramel apples. Great idea to give them to teachers....never thought of that!

  4. oh my! Those do look yummy! Stopping by from SITS to say hi and now I'm hungry. LOL

    Come check out some holiday party ideas A-Z on my blog. Let me know if you have others! (smile)


  5. Oh those look delicious! What a fun project when you have a boat load of kids to entertain. (Or adults for that matter.) ;)


  6. Those look totally awesome and I bet my Babu Girl would have a fun time helping.

  7. I want some! Send me some! Hmmm. i have apples. Caramels are cheap... i have chocoate...hmmmm. Maybe I could make some....

  8. OK I just gained 5 lbs looking at your post.

    That is so funny that you are working on a tassel post. I don't think the tassel makers are going to like us very much. I can't wait to see all the tassels the creative gals come up with--it will be fun to look through them


  9. OMG those look DELICIOUS AND OH SO YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe! :o)

  10. oh my.....they look yummy and pleasing to the eye also!!!!! great gift idea!!!

  11. Jen, wow, I'm normally not a huge caramel fan, but admittedly, those do look good.

    Hey, BTW, believe it or not, Ohio approved Vegas-style casinos through an election yesterday. I was kind of hoping that PA would first though, because I'm more into the road trip aspect of gambling. And I was looking forward to visiting the Rivers Casino.

    But it appears we'll have four casinos within four years now. Strange.

  12. Those look too good to eat!

  13. I LOOOOVE caramel apples. I am going to make these and wrap them as little gifts at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner. Won't my guests love it!! Thanks for a great recipe/idea :)

  14. Oh that looks yummy! That is a very neat gift idea.

  15. You did an awesome job! All fall I've been toying with the idea of making these and I always wimp out and buy them already made. I think you inspired me to give it a whirl (literally and figuratively!)

  16. Those look amazing! And yes, everyone...give them to your teachers! Especially if any of my parents are reading! This teacher wants one! :)

  17. Oh my goodness...they look soooo incredibly yummy! (And since they are apples, they are somewhat healthy too!)

    Thanks for participating in my link party!


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