Thanksgiving Place Cards / Wine Charms

Last year I shared a tutorial for Personalized Wine Charms for the Thanksgiving table.

They are cute and reusable and made with shrinky dinks...what's not to love? But, I am realistic here, people. Not everyone has shrinky dink plastic just lying around. Not everyone plans ahead for cute little touches before every. single. event. like I do.

No, it takes all kinds and this little tutorial is just for you. Quick, easy, FREE wine charms / place cards for your Thanksgiving guests.


Got leaves?
Got string?
Got a sharpie?

Yep. I knew you would...

Write 'em and tie 'em.

See? Now that's cute.

ps (no shrinky dinks were harmed in the making of this tutorial!)


  1. I LOVE that idea!! I am in charge of making the centerpiece this year...I have some left over pumpkins from Halloween. I'm thinking about using them for candle holders and flower pots.

  2. Very cute way to use fall leaves!

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  4. Now that's MY kind of creativity! I can handle a project like that. And it really is a cute idea!


  5. Cute! I actually do have shrinky dink plastic laying around. Umm, I was going to make those charms a few months ago when I first found them on your blog. Thanks for the reminder ~ man I need to get busy!

    Looking forward to getting our "ketchup" frame ;) Thank You!

  6. I almost like the 'au natural' look better! :)

  7. THAT is creative...I lOVE shrinky dinks though. The leaves look great too!

  8. Great idea. Guess I'm one of those oddball types because I DO have Shrinky Dink plastic hanging around. Haven't used it in a long time either.

  9. My mother-in-law does something like too, and I think it's pretty cool. It's always a hit for holiday meals.

  10. I love this leaf design. I used this idea for my daughter's wedding and attached the names w/those inexpensive wedding rings (like 50 to a package).

  11. Totally cute! And so glad to know that the shrinky dinks are okay.


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