Why Don't You...Schedule a Craft Day?

I know not all of you could come along on our Soul Sisters Getaway this year, but why not try something for an afternoon with your own girlfriends? Working together on something fun and simple is such a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. Somehow, I feel refreshed after an afternoon like that. Here, let me help you get started with one of Joy's contributions:

Fun Funky Frame


Inexpensive, unfinished wooden frame
Spray adhesive
Scrapbook papers
Ink pads

Trace the shape of your frame onto the back side of the paper and cut out.

Spray with spray adhesive.

Affix the paper to the frame. Let dry. Drink wine.

Sand the edges of the frame so that the paper no longer has a clean straight edge. This makes the paper look more like part of the frame, rather than stuck to the frame.

Now, rub your ink pad over the edges of your frame to age and distress it a bit.

By coincidence, The Treat Girl brought along almost the very same project for us to do with clip boards!

We followed similar instructions using Mod Podge, then tied pretty ribbons onto the clip and soon we had two cute projects!


  1. Great post Jenn! My sisters came for a visit from New York and I was ready with a craft project for them. We painted snowmen gourds which I had primed ahead of time. My sister Joanne had never done a 'craft' project in her life and was reluctant to attempt painting. I walked her through it and you should have seen the proud look on her face when she finished her snowman. She sent a cell phone photo of 'Gourdy' (yes..she named him!) to everyone she knew in the known universe. We all had a great bonding time

    Janet xox

    PS...yes....wine WAS involved in this creative process!

  2. Congrats!! I see you have some new advertisers on board!

    Janet xox

  3. Love it! That's a great way to do some seasonal frames too.

  4. Your frame turned out so nicely! I think it's so cool you have such a great group of girlfriends to get together with. :)

  5. They turned out great! Those glasses look pretty full :)

  6. How 'bout that??? Us soul sisters think alike!! Coordinating projects!

  7. all craftsters should schedule craft days!

  8. Very cute projects! Congrats on being featured!


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