Cure for a Drafty Fireplace

Our fireplace is a wood burner that was converted to gas shortly after we moved in. We have a full flue and code required that a spacer be put in the damper to allow the release of gas in case of a malfunction. This spacer doesn't allow the damper to close all the way to let gas out...but it also lets cold air in!

Can you see my secret in the photo above?

What about now?

A little closer...You can see a piece of Plexiglas we had cut to size at our local home improvement store. It slides between the fireplace and the screen for a nearly invisible block for the cold drafts. Easy peasy!

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  1. Simple but brilliant! Like always!

  2. I was thinking about doing the same thing. My fireplace has a metal insert around it, so I though I might add small magnets around the edges to help keep it in place. You've inspired me to get off my back side and get it done.

  3. Now that is remarkable!! You can't tell at all when you look at that first photo. Very cool! :)

  4. That is rather clever and you can barely see it. I wish I had a drafty fireplace problem because that would mean I have a fireplace! Unfortunately I don't. Anyway, great job! Oh, and I'm liking my newly organized coat closet to your party.



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