My San Franciscan Branch

Funny story...

So, I'm in San Francisco with The Big Guy for a conference and the wives have a shopping day on the itinerary for one day that the men have a meeting. They take us to an expensive, boutique-lined street and drop us off to shop and lunch the afternoon away. Many of the women scattered to hit the high-priced boutiques and 3 of us lagged behind and made a plan.

We escaped the high priced street and hoofed our way 20 minutes away to Presidio, a great place for consignment and discount decor shops. More our speed. We scampered along, giggling like three girls who had just skipped class when right in the middle of the sidewalk lay the coolest branch!

We looked at it for a bit, marveling at the pods and leaves and the graceful curve then set it back down and walked away. Soon, I turned back and snatched it up and carried it down the street. My friend laughed and shook her head and told me to stuff it in my purse so the ends stuck out like those ladies in Paris coming from the flower shop. So I did.

I can't tell you how many people stopped me to ask if my branch was real and where did I buy it! I stuck that baby right into my suitcase and brought it right back to Pa. I fumigated it, and deconstructed my whole mantle to work it into my decor:

So, this is my spare mantle for Autumn that highlights my favorite San Francisco souvenir. Want to show me your own Fall mantle? I have a link up below, just because you love to show off and I love to peek inside your homes!



  1. I love your branch!

    Even more, I love how your brain works.

    You got the best find of the day I am sure.

  2. Love the branch, LOVE the memory even more! And I would love to link up, but I don't think my starfish and aqua accessories will count as a fall mantel ~ Give me a week or so :)

  3. Cute story - sounds like you had a great time and brought home a nice souvenir! I love the simple beauty of your mantle and I really love that it didn't cost you more to change it up (:

  4. Love the branch! I'm so behind and am working on my fall mantel today. How is it almost October already? Your mantel looks terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jennifer

    I love your story. The funny thing is I would have done the same thing. Good for you and the branches looks great.


  6. What a fantastic find! I love the fact that you see potential in things like this. Plus anyone who would ditch the expensive shops for a more quirky, thrifty area sounds like my kind of girl.

    I don't have a mantle. :-( I love my house to pieces, but the lack of a fireplace is definitely a downfall.

  7. Love this! I would have been with you ladies in shopping on the thrifty side of town and I'm like you, I'm always picking up a branch or cone and toting it home. Glad that branch survived the flight.

    Your mantel looks really nice!

  8. Yep, I've done stuff like that too!!! I love it for you :)


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