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The Today Show covered a story this week claiming that 95% of parents have a favorite child and Time Magazine tells us it's more like 65-70% of parents who have faves.

The core of this controversy? The author, Jeffrey Kluger's new book "The Sibling Effect". Below is the author explaining to funny-man Steven Colbert:

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you have a favorite child?


  1. I have 2 daughters and could never choose one over the other, however there are activities that I choose to do with each rather than the other, but that is based on personal interests they have....will be interested in reading what others have to say

  2. My favorite is whoever is annoying me the least at any given moment! :D I think you have kids who have personalities that mesh with yours better than other kids, but having seen the impact of parents who clearly played favorites in my husband's family, I try very hard to make sure my kids all feel like they are my favorite.

  3. I have 2 boys and they couldn't be more different. I have a favorite one for quiet time(my snuggler,) I have a favorite one for doing things(he doesn't need to be cajoled into activity.) They each have strengths and weaknesses, talents and faults. It'd be impossible to say that I favor one over the other.

    On the flip side, there is no doubt that I'm the favorite child. All of my siblings(there are four of us) agree on that.

  4. I heard a conversation about this on the radio yesterday and it got me thinking. Do I have a favorite child? I thought and thought and pondered and the answer I came up with is "No". Like the other commenters, I definitely have favorite THINGS I like to do with each child, based on their interests and personalities. But I think my actions towards my children are equal ~ discipline for the same things, appreciation for similar, equal time and on and on and on......... I do however, know one mom who definitely favors one of her children. Actually she has 4. 4 girls and I know for a fact which one is NOT her favorite. Her words and actions show it. She is not mean to her in any way, but her tone, her mothers touch is very different from the way she treats her other girls. So sad to see.

  5. I just had my second (another son) my oldest is 4. I was SO concerned during my pregnancy that I would always love my first one more and wasn't really sure I could give this second one as much love...but boy was I wrong...as soon as he was born I loved him just as much as my first and can't imagine my life without him. I don't know how anyone could ever pick one child over another or treat one better than another.

    My mom has 7 kids...I have my favorite siblings...but I can guarantee that she doesn't have a favorite child. It's amazing to me how much love and support she can give to each of us. Even in those times when some of my siblings may not have been making the best choices in life...she still loved them just as much as the rest of us...it's amazing to see!

    I do agree with Kluger in the behaviors/personalities of the siblings and how they are created by interactions with other siblings...it's pretty amazing to watch in my own family and also the families of those I associate with...human behavior is just so interesting!

  6. This clip was too funny! I could totally picture my oldest pinning my youngest to the ground to pretend spit on him.....what can I say, I have a house full of boys ;) There is definitely something to be said about birth order, but as far as parental favorites...I love all of my boys, all 3 are so different and funny and charming...even though empty nest is so very appealing, I couldn't wish away these years with All of them!

  7. I have five children and no one is my favorite. They would vie for the spot I am sure...but my sicilian grandmother explained it best with this saying "it is like the five fingers of your hand, each one is different and each has a line to your heart. Which one would you give up? Not a one." She was full of wisdom and my other favorite was "Only the spoon knows, what is at the bottom of the pot!"


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