Angry Bird Pinata Cheat

Let's just say your son was planning an Angry Birds birthday party and you had promised to make him an pinata ... then promptly forgot that promise until the day of the party when said son walked out the door to the bus saying "Bye mom! I can't wait to see the Angry Birds pinata at my birthday party tonight! I love you!"


So, I'm going to show you how to fake a pinata. With this fool proof method, you can create any sort of pinata that cannot be found in stores.

Buy a random pinata in any shape with a flat front at any store, Party City, Walmart, and Target all carry pinatas.

Buy a poster of your theme. I found an Angry Birds poster at Walmart for $5.

Trace the shape of your pinata on the poster, cut out, and glue to the front.

Voila! Angry Birds Pinata!

Now you have more time to play the game in the garage because it is pouring rain outside:


  1. This is great idea, I know it will come handy for one of the kids birthday.

  2. I was thinking about you Friday.....hope the party was fun!!

  3. I love it! The game is great too. My son has been asking to have an Agry Bird birthday also and I really need to start thinking of some games. Thanks for the ideas and I hope the party went good!

  4. I'm throwing an Angry Birds party for my son next month! I'm being overly ambitious and am planning on making 30 of the red Angry Birds for party favors. And yep, planning on making a pinata too. I'll keep this in mind in case my ambition runs out before the party!


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