Tons of Cleaning and Organizing Tips

If you are like me and 90% of the people in the world, January is a time to resolve to clean up your messes and organize your home and life.  Here are a few pins I have saved over the past year to help me do just that.

30 Days to a Clean House:

Remove Sticky Build Up From Appliances:

20 Days to Organize and Clean Your Home: (we could have this done by the end of the month!)

Martha Stewart's Tub Scrub:

Here are some past posts I have written on the subject:

*Pantry Make Over

*Shoe Pocket Organizers Around the House

*Fridge Organization

*Shiny Kitchen Sink

*Funky Dishwasher


  1. I have been using Martha Stewart's tub scrub for over 7 years now and I love how much more clean it leaves my tubs compared to what you can get store bought.


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