Open Thank You Letter to my Kickboxing Classmates

Thank you to the girl in the front row who exercises like she's on too much Zanex while underwater. I'm not sure what soundtrack is playing in your head, but it provides me with some comic relief. And to "kickboxer dude" who looks as though he's in a street fight during the routine, thank you for giving me that odd mixture of fear and amusement.

To the woman who grimaces and lunges as if she's fighting off the devil himself, and the rebel who continues to bend at the waist when the instructor is screaming "Get your BUTT down!"

To the big girls and skinny girls who show me that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. To the ones with boobs that have me thanking God I don't have them and to the one's who don't that make me feel normal.

To the drop-ins that have no idea what's going on but still try anyway, and to the regulars that call me out when I've missed class too many times.

To the two beautiful older ladies who keep up with the rest of us and inspire me to kick higher and punch harder. And to the 19 year old who pisses me off by her impossibly flat abs. If only I could tell her how wonderful she will think this body is when she looks back in 5, 10, 20 years or after a few kids, but she'll never believe it - none of us did.

To the ones dragging screaming kids to the childcare center with steely resolve for "my time" and to the ones who skip class because those same kids won't let go of mom's leg.

To the instructors who inspire us with their energy even though they are teaching their 2nd or 3rd class that day.

To the "loud count-er" who keeps me simultaneously on track and annoyed, and to the "creeper" that is always infringing on my personal space but keeps me on my toes.

To great sound tracks we can sing along to...or is that just me? The strange mix of Britney Spears, The Romantics, and Fergie on speed always cracks me up!

To the girl who smells like flowers and the stinky ones who make me rethink elements of my own hygiene. To the ones who put on make up and those that don't for taking the time or not, and to the crazy outfits some of us show up in (seriously, how did you fit into those short shorts?)

Thanks to all of you for entertaining and inspiring and making me look forward to my Monday and Wednesday mornings...Remember, "Don't give up on you!"


  1. You are a total hoot!!!!!!!....I smiled when I saw the title to this post....and then started laughing as I read on...I too am working up to a general "Y" post....a tribute/thank you....you beat me to it!!:)....hmmmm, am I the one on Zantac under water???....and I very rarely go on Wed am...I do the pm class....I always wondered if you went to that one and kept forgetting to ask you....thanks again for the laughs!!!...keep kicking!! you're worth it!!!

  2. You should just know that all of you, the good listener, the one that's out of step and the one that's having a hard time keeping up, are admired. Some of us never even make it :-(.

  3. Another very entertaining post! Anyone who has attended an exercise class can relate to this one (although it's a distant memory for me these days!) BTW, I'd be the one with no boobs, no make-up, trying to keep up and then disappearing for days because I can barely walk up the steps for days after!


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