Fishful Thinking

I was invited to make a Fishful Thinking Story Book a few weeks ago and I got myself all worked up. I love this kind of thing - you know, the pictures with words kind of thing.

I have been trying to post the actual book here, but the best I can do is give you the link to view my book:

The Best Game We Ever Lost

Do you want to make your own Story Book - free? Yeah, I thought the "F" word might perk you up. Well, then click here and get to work: Fishful Thinking Story Book Along with the option to create a story book, this site has many great resources for parents to highlight their child's inner beauty and strengths.

Like I said, I'm a sucker for this stuff, so if you have time to send me the link to your story I'd love to sit down and smile and cry and laugh and giggle...with all of you. Have fun!


  1. Love it!! Where do you find this stuff??? Chip accuses me of spending waaay to much time on my computer as it is!!!

  2. that was so flippen sweet!! thank you for sharing. :)


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