Stuff I Learned - Tutorial Tuesday Wrap Up

I fell in love with the yellow patio chairs from Debbie-Debbie Doos. Sometimes you just have to take a risk, and if that risk involves yellow spray paint? I'm in!

Jay n Sarah reworked a Target dress into an Anthropologie knock-off that would fool any fashionista. I've decided I need to stalk her and be her friend so I can bring over Target clothes and end up with couture!

You know how you sometimes see an idea and it makes you want to bonk yourself on the head and say "Doh!" Well, that is what I did when I saw Kimbo's Crafts pretty cord ties! They are cute - waaay cuter than the rubber bands and twist ties that are currently taming my cords!

Dahlia Lane included some awesome "recipes" for natural cleaning supplies she uses to keep her pad clean and green. Oh, it saves her a BUNCH of cash, too!

Whew, I learned a lot this week! Thanks for joining us again this Tuesday. Now, go make yourself Amy New Nostalgia's Teriyaki Bowtie Spinach Salad for dinner...

What are you waiting for? Oh, you want to know the winner of this week's giveaway to T's Etc. shop? Well, I don't blame you. If you are Gina from the Cannary Family Blog, this is your lucky day! I will be contacting you soon.

Still want more T's Etc? You can find her at her Etsy shop or her Blog. Tell her Juniper says hi!

Come on back tomorrow to weigh in on this week's Feedback Friday topic!



  1. This was the funnest! I missed the chair tutorial so will have to hop over. I told my daughter about that rockin dress last night. Give me a whole new attitude about grandmotherly dresses for $3 on the clearance rack, right?

    Thanks Jen!

  2. How do people come up with these amazing things? I'm so envious of the creativity! Love those chairs!

  3. Hooray! I've got my eye on the same thing you like in T's Etc. shop! Love your bench in yellow; I just got done painting a picnic set in teal and hope I like the way it turned out cause I'm not re-doing it!!

  4. I love all Jay and Sarah's creations..she is so talented. This was one of the best Tuesdays ever!

  5. thank you for the shout out and link love! love appreciated!!

  6. CUTE links!!! LOVE that dress! It's amazing!

  7. Om goodness, what a pleasant surprise! Thank you so much for the toot!~ I sure appreciate that, I actually have started a trend, like 4 gals have went out and bought this paint, LOL!!~ I hope they like it as much as I do, it was a risk, but happy I did it! Thanks again:)

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  9. Thanks so much for the linky love, Jen! There were some really awesome tutorials out there :)

  10. I love that yellow bench! I painted my outdoor chairs yellow about 2 years ago and everyone thought I had lost it! Paired next to purple flowers..auhhh..it's heavenly! Thanks for sharing,

  11. Okay.......the teriyaki bow tie salad looks yummy!!! And the Target dress is teriffic!!!!...and isn't Sarah the cutest???? I want to be her friend!! You lucky girl to be learning such great stuff on your tutorial Tuesday!

  12. Oh thank you so much for featuring me! And you can stalk me all you want cuz I'll be doing the same! haha :D

    and thanks everyone for your comments on my dress! you guys are too sweet!


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