Stuff I Learned - Tutorial Tuesday Wrap Up

Before I begin, I want to assure everyone that I really do click each and every submission for Tutorial Tuesdays. I would love to comment on every one, but the total time to comment, do word verification, do word verification again because I messed up, then submit x 60 submissions is taking too much time when I have three rug rats asking me to play. So, thank you for being understanding and submitting anyway. I love everything I see!

My kids would have loved playing with this Pretend Mail Kit from Twelve Crafts til Christmas!

I actually lost my mind a little bit when I saw this Baseball String Bracelet from I Can Find the Time! Just look! Cute boy jewelry...L.O.V.E.

I really need to take the time to organize my stuff, especially my car, which is my mini home away from home (can I get an amen?). Leanne showed us a Car Organizer even I can make.

Let's do some cooking this weekend!

Strawberry Jam

Cast Iron Skillet Brownies, no mixing bowls!

How about some fresh Pesto for your pasta?

This week's winner of the $30 gift certificate from Oh Write is Kimbo's Crafts!

You can learn more about Kate, from Oh Write on her blog. Thank you for sponsoring!

Contact me if you would like to host one of our upcoming Tutorial Tuesdays!


  1. I was glad to be part of your party. I love looking through the ideas posted on your Tutorial Tuesdays! Thanks for hosting...and for the kind words about my shop.

  2. We don't care that you can't comment on all. I just totally love looking at everyone's entries!

  3. Thanks for including my car organizing in your wrap-up. I thought that baseball bracelet was awesome too. What a great idea. Have a great weekend.

  4. I felt bad for not participating this week. I had no tutorial. I know I know. Bad Lori. I had to feature one that somebody else did. Sad, right? Well, it happens during the summer - and other times too. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend with the family.

  5. Jennifer I know you do come over...and you have commented perhaps once or twice on mine.....I think that is suffice with the number of submissions. It is the hosts that people participate for a year or longer and you have no clue if they have been there and never have commented. Seems to me if you know there is a newcomber you say Hi and welcome...that to me is good enough once! It is hard with a family to do it all out here!!~ I too am struggling and will be limited my amount of posts...I was exhausting myself trying too hard. Have a great weekend...I enjoy your blog and all your creative energy....and your honesty is appreciated!!

  6. I'm tellin' you what...your Tutorial Tuesday ROCKS!!! I'm learning so much! I just don't have enough time to do everything!

  7. This is Kathryn from I Can Find The Time and I just wanted to say tahnks for featuring my Baseball String Bracelet!


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