Living in Pottery Barn, USA

Time to recap my Tutorial Tuesday faves!

I'm totally making Marzipan's Fruit Tart for a 4th of July picnic we are invited to tomorrow:

Love this Pebble Mat from After I Finish This Row. It's so unique and earthy:

A few years ago, my kids would have gone crazy for this Children's Play Tent from Living with Punks:

And check out this gorgeous rosette pillow from Lemon Tree Creations:

Finally, while blog hopping around to some of my bloggy friends this week, Amanda, from Serenity Now, clued me in to a hilarious website called Catalog Living that had me rolling!

The premise behind this blog, is to poke fun at the room designs photographed for catalogs like Pottery Barn. In this imaginary world, Elaine and Gary live in these rooms. Snippet of conversations serve as captions for these staged rooms. Love it! Let's pay tribute to the imaginative author of this website.

I thought I'd try my hand at it and offer an impromptu linky party to anyone who wants to join me. Here is a photo from Arhaus Catalog:

Honestly, Gary, those darn birds are so spoiled!

Want to try it? Dig out your catalogs and either link up with a post of your own or come up with a caption to this photo. Come on try it, it's fun! I'll post the winner for my Sunday Funny.


  1. Kids, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times. You sit on the cushions, not the back or arms!

  2. That catalog living blog had me in stitches! - busting out laughing while trying not to make any sound so I wouldn't wake the kids - but man, did I ever need that laugh! I'll never look at the restoration hardware catalogs the same way again!

  3. Thank goodness we put the *leather* chairs out on the deck--bird poop is so hard to get out of chenille.

  4. For the photo above:
    How did you three birds get out of my header and signature!

  5. Caption for my Mexican Kitchen Photo with Bird.

    "my secret for great Margueritas is a teaspoon of parrot droppings!"

  6. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this and my pebble mat project.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Long time no comment but as usual you are cracking me up over here!

  8. Fred, Barry and Linda were digging the new lay out of the deck. They got along much better, now that they didn't see each other anymore.

  9. Can't wait to check out the Catalog Living blog.....I think I some laughs other than the Walmart emails I keep getting!! And that pebble mat looks amazing!


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