Soul Sister's Activate!

If you are here looking for Feedback Friday, I had a feedback emergency that required feedback on Thursday! Did I pique your interest? Head on over to Feedback Friday a Day Early!

I met up with the Soul Sistas last week to fill up my reserve tank with estrogen! The Treat Girl had business to tend to - another cooking lesson with Marzipan.

Joy and I sat back and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. The Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip Muffins were to die for!

They baked and we talked and laughed and planned all the other things we want Marzipan to teach us to bake. On today's menu? Devil's Food Cake with Cookies and Cream Icing

Then we went to lunch and had some sort of food...I really can only remember the highlights of the meal - Truffle French Fries and Mile High Carrot Cake! Who needed that soup or salad or sandwich we also ate?

And check this out!

A newspaper ball gown in the window of a downtown shop! When is the last time newspaper caused you to stop in the middle of the street, squeal, and begin frantically digging for your camera?!? Now, where can I find an old mannequin to replicate this at home...

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  1. Omgosh...that newspaper dress is fabulous!!!!!!

    I am so envious of your 'soul sista' getaways...watch out or one of these days I will show up at your doorstep to join you ;-)
    ( I'm only a few hours away you know...it could happen!!)

    Waiting patiently for my cupcake...

    Janet xox

  2. Sounds like everyone had a good time.
    The newspaper dress is wonderful. Thanks for the photos of your day.

  3. I want to live in that home - the kitchen to be specific. Oh that brick!

  4. I'm with Dana. I didn't know people actually had kitchens like that in their homes.

  5. Looks like fun times for you girls! I hope the shot of estrogen did you well. I got my girlie fix this week too, and it was just what the doctor ordered. ;-)

  6. Just curious, what did you wear last night? Don't leave us hanging.

  7. Great recap of a great day! Let's do it again soon! Cinnamon rolls to be the next tutorial star???

  8. It was a wonderful day!!!!! I'm with marzipan...Cinnamon rolls next...then truffle fries and carrot cake for lunch! :)


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