Want To Help Me Plan a Party?

My oldest son moves from the Middle School to High School next year and I'm on the decorating committee for his "end of the year recognition" party in June.

I have a few ideas, but 2,000 heads are better than one when it comes to party planning, and I need some help!

The theme we chose this year is "Instagrad" an Instagram party with a photo theme. I have been collecting ideas on my Instagram Party Pinterest Board, of course.

So far, we know we will rent a photo booth, and have several "vignettes" for the kids to take their own Instagram pictures.  I will need to come up with themes for each of these 4 photo op spots. Any ideas for props?

Check out these cute Instagram Cookies I found!  Bakerella thought of this, of course!

 (note to self...learn to work with fondant...)

I think we have to decorate 3 bulletin boards in the hallway - and come up with table centerpieces that involve candy.  Hmmmm...

We want the kids to bring in a baby picture of themselves and I want to mount them on what look like film strips for an interactive activity of guessing the baby picture.  Baby picture on top, lift to see the current picture!

Maybe we could use pictures to spell out the school initials or the graduation year?

I'm super stuck on how to decorate the gym where the dance will be.  My initial plan was to have glow in the dark balloons and glow sticks all over.  My attempt at creating these balloons failed miserably.  Any glow-y suggestions?

Help me plan my Instagram party...please?


  1. You guys go all out! No real ideas here, but i do know that the people that said that if you empty glow sticks into bubbles were big fat liars. What about black lights and glow in the dark balloons? Super hero props for the photo booths? Or the school various sport uniforms.

    1. I know - that glow stick balloon pin tricked me too!

      I love the super heros idea!

  2. So putting a glow stick in a balloon doesn't work? (it's supposed to hang upside down and glow) Your ideas sound great...I love the interactive baby photos!

  3. Is there a possibility to get an old polaroid? I once had one on a kids party, and it was a big hit - not one of a kids had ever seen one before, and they were super excited to watch the picture develop. Plus, they´ve got something to take with them.

    Or you could try building a simple camera - I know there are these one-hole cameras made from old cans... but I´ve never made one myself.


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