Break Your Fast?

Breakfasts among my friends are as different as each of them - coffee, cereal, fruit, smoothie concoctions...

I'm a variety girl and try to have something different every day or I get bored. We're on a rotation of, oatmeal/quinoa with fruit, smoothies, eggs, and cold cereal but I'm always looking for different ideas.

It's Feedback Friday...

What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you eat the same thing every day or do you mix it up?

Which of your kids' sugary cereals is your favorite to sneak? (I'm a sucker for Cinnamon Toast Crunch!)

Some past breakfast posts:


  1. I think I eat frosted-mini wheats or raisin bran about 85% of the time. Steel cut outs another 10%. Unfortunately for my kids, I don't like to eat big breakfasts-they seem to cancel out any sort of will power for eating healthy the rest of the day.

    1. I love frosted mini's and raisin bran too! those are my go-to healthy breakfast options.

  2. I try to get a combo of protein and carbs, so....typically I have coffee and either:
    * cereal (I don't like the sweet stuff) and yogurt on the side
    * eggs over toast ~ usually over easy, but sometimes scrambled
    * you toast 2 whole grain waffles, put nutella on one side, peanut butter on the other put them
    together to make a sandwich = yummy (you can also add fruit ~ strawberries/bananas ~ to the
    middle as well, but I typically don't.!

  3. We eat eggs pretty much every morning. Yes, I'm the crazy lady at the store buying eggs in the huge crates ;) Sometimes I throw in pancakes or make muffins for the kids, but we've been box free for a few years. The kids(insert dramatic sigh) miss pop tarts...bought a box of toxin tarts for our road trip and came home with the same one...funny how memories taste better than the real thing lol!


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