It's Key West Season!

 (Mallory Square Sunset, I may or may not be a little drunk)

***Re-posting my Key West post from 2014 as I am flying to my happy place! I'm sure I'll have lots of photos and stories to share when I return, but wanted to give you a little reminder while I'm away!***

 As this post goes live, I am just touching down in my own personal heaven.  I'm probably sitting with my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand, listening to someone sing to me in Key West.

The Big Guy and I have birthdays in May, and our anniversary is on June 1st - wrap that together with Mother's Day and Father's Day and we pool all our gift money for each other and splurge on a long weekend together.  It's just the thing we need to "fill our love tanks" (who can name the show that quote came from???)

So, while I'm away sipping a cold one, you can join me by reading up on my past visits to Key West...

 (Schooner Wharf Bar)

 10 Stages of Planning an Adult Vacation

 (A "queen" from the Key West "Drag" Races)

Shocking Key West and a Great Grouper Sandwich

(Sunset from Turtle Kraul's rooftop bar)

 What to do in Key West

(Smokin' Tuna Bar, listening to Nick Norman...swoon...)

What to do in Key West, Part 2

(Getting silly at Fort Zachary Taylor Park)

Key West, Baby

(Listening to the great Michael McCloud, a Key West institution, at Schooner Wharf Bar)

PS (As I looked over this post's photos, I realized that pink and blue tank top must be part of my Key West uniform. In fact, I already have it and a pair of jean shorts set out to wear on the way down!!!)

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