A New Blog and a House Tour

The Treat Girl and I visited a friend who needed some help starting a new blog last week. If you've read this blog for some time, I'll bet you kind of "know" her. It's our kickboxing instructor and friend, Tammy! I love my kickboxing class, let me refresh your memory:

Open Letter to my Kickboxing Classmates

My Secret Life as a Kickboxer

Kickboxers Unite!

Little did I know that this friend also lived in an amazing home! So, meet Tammy, author of the new blog The Strength. A blog full of health and fitness advice, motivational words, and healthy recipes.

Now...check out her pad!

This is our first view of her stunning home:

The view through that amazing wall of windows is awesome!

This stacked stone fireplace must stretch 20 feet to the peak! Check out the wood ceiling - Tammy stained each of those boards herself.

Here is the fireplace at the bottom, so cozy!

That fireplace is open on the other side too! Here is the back of the fireplace in her kitchen. I know, right?!?

This industrial stove and the amazing slate back splash really makes this kitchen special:

She hasn't forgotten unique details - check out the coal cart turned coffee table in her family room:

And Gallery Walls are all the rage in the blogsphere right now, look at her arrangement of special family photos:

So, if you want to give a new blogger some love she would really appreciate it as she finds her way in this new venture. Who knows, you may just find yourself healthier for it!


  1. Gorgeous home. Hope you're well.

  2. Oh my. It's my dream home - seriously. Beautiful!

  3. And now I'm in love with that house. BIG TIME. ::sigh::

  4. I just came from Tammy's blog...now I'm hungry!

    She has a really good recipe featured today.

    Amazing house an I want to see more of that view!

    janet xox

    PS...do you have a blog button?

  5. That kitchen makes me wasn't to sneak in and bake some cookies!

  6. I'm in love with those windows... and that fireplace..... gorgeous!!!!! Oh, and by the way... I missed last nights show, so you just may be in luck today ~ I think I need a DVR (thats my excuse ~ I mean STORY anyway).

  7. If that was my house...I would never ever leave. Everyone would have to come and see me.

    I would even have my groceries delivered.

  8. Jen thank you so much for helping me with my blog and featuring my home in yours! It was a year in the making...My hubby built it himself! With a little help... I do have a hard time leaving! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can sit outside and relax when I have the time! You'll have to come back with the boys and enjoy the pool this summer!

  9. It was fun to help Tammy get started....blogging will be a great thing for her....and SERIOUSLY I would never leave her home if it were mine....it is A.MAZ.ING!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the bloggy help you've given me over the years too....


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